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Glass Services

Replacement Windows for Your Business

With new technology, today's glass is far more than eye candy. Glass is considered a legitimate building material. Glass is an integral part of today's commercial and residential buildings. The new glass is stronger, resistant to breaks and UV rays, and is manufactured with built-in thermal control. Not only will it minimize breakage, but also, in time, it will pay for itself in savings on heating, cooling, and insurance costs.

At, Glass Service Center of Augusta, Inc., our exacting technicians stand ready to replace your old, sub-standard glass with high-quality material that is designed to last a lifetime.

Other Applications

Glass Service Center's technicians can also help with other glass applications including mirrored doors, shower enclosures, tabletops and door glass.

For your commercial building, we also provide tinted glass, fire-rated and bullet resistant glass as well as polycarbonate (Plexiglas and Lexan). We also offer tempered, insulated and laminated glass in many applications from doors, windows, and skylights to internal partitions.